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Kennel Manners 101

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New puppy at home and the constant screaming and whining is driving you crazy? Have a dog who seems anxious and nervous when left in the crate? New adopted dog who is not used to/has not have positive interactions with the crate? When its time to kennel up are you finding yourself trying to coax your dog and drag them into the kennel? This is for you! Every dog (even if they are good left outside the crate) should be properly crate conditioned. They may need an over night stay at the vet, there may be an emergency where crating is necessary, they may need to be crated at the groomer, they should be crated in the vehicle to safely travel with them. There is literally hundreds of reasons to properly crate train your dog and this course gives you step by steps instructions with videos on how to properly condition your dog to accept and enjoy their crate!

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